Name that Beer! 14th Star Brewing Co. Announces New Brew to Benefit Martha’s Kitchen!

From our generous friends at 14th Star Brewing Company:

We’re bottling a brew to benefit Martha’s Kitchen, and we want YOU to name it!

For over 30 years Martha’s Community Soup Kitchen has been on a mission to improve the quality of life and restore dignity to hungry individuals and families in Franklin County by providing nutritious food & comradery in a safe, warm & caring environment.

We will be releasing this bourbon barrel aged stout just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday and will donate a portion of the proceeds from every bottle to help assist Martha’s Kitchen in their move to their new Lake Street location — allowing them to continue in their mission to help our neighbors and friends in need.

Martha’s Kitchen is an integral part of our community — we think it is only appropriate that this brew to benefit them is named by our community!

Do you have a great name for this brew? Please go to the 14th Star Brewing Company Facebook page and add a comment with your suggestion for the perfect beer name! They will pull a few of the favorites and post them for a community vote for the winner!

“One America” National Bus Tour – Workshop & Dinner

Please join us at Martha’s Kitchen for this special dinner and workshop. Click on the poster for an expanded view.



Souper Bowl-A-Thon Registration Opens!

Sign up for our Super Bowl-A-Thon to help a Martha’s Kitchen continue to nourish our community! Come prepared for some good spirited competition, a chance to win great prizes and more! This isn’t your momma’s Bowl-a-Thon. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS!

Recruit people to build your team of four to five bowlers, (friends, family, co-workers, church members, etc.). They do not have to be bowlers or have any previous bowling experience – just be willing to raise a minimum of $100 each bowler (minimum of $500 dollars per team) and be ready to have a bowling blast!

You don’t need to be much of a bowler; this event is more about having a great time and supporting our community’s Soup Kitchen. Please keep in mind, we are the only Soup Kitchen in Franklin County and only one of the few in the state open 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Click here for full details.

Blessings Shared… We receive a much needed new freezer! (Without delay!)

A few weeks ago, we walked into a real mess when one of our larger freezers decided to quit on us! However, during the scramble to rush and save as much of the food as possible, Deacon Dwayne from Holy Angels Parish just happened to stop by for a visit.

Within 10 minutes of him hearing of our predicament, Deacon returned with good news! “A new freezer is being donated and will be here today!”   Sincere thanks to our friends at WoodmenLife Vermont Chpt 1.

In addition to providing a new freezer, they are sponsoring us monthly by providing our plastic containers and covers for the “Meals-to-go” program. This will help our commitment to maintaining service with dignity.

Pictured are Bob Cole and Karynne Lang (WoodmenLife) standing with our Guardian Bob in front of our new freezer!

Blessings of Peace and All Good being shared!!!!


Martha’s Kitchen Needs New Home

Article featured in the St. Albans Messenger – June 2, 2016
St Albans Messenger - Martha's Kitchen Needs New Home

Martha’s In Need Of A New Home

Dear Friends of Martha’s;

Downtown Saint Albans is the home of an exciting opportunity for our community, we’ve seen growth and change come in just a few years. Our downtown is becoming a finely cut gem in Northwestern Vermont. Cars with out-of-state plates are beginning to line our streets and returning visitors are becoming the norm. Soon, (I have faith!) the weather will warm and evenings will echo with the sound of music and laughter as we take advantage of outside seating and enjoy our friends and family, over a table, a drink and a meal.

On one window on one door on Main Street there is a humble sign, for a humble mission with big dreams to meet a growing need. Each weekday, from 8 am until near 1 pm, people come through that door, down the hall and sit at tables, talk with friends, sit with their children, enjoy hot meals and receive companionship and care from a loving, mostly volunteer, staff. Martha’s Kitchen has been a part of our community since 1984. On their opening day, they served ten meals. On a day that I recently volunteered, we served over 100. Martha’s has grown from serving lunch five days a week, to providing hot breakfast and lunch and take home meals five days a week, as well as community brunches. We serve individuals and families, some who are with us from shortly after we open until we close, others who come in before work and on their lunch-break.

Even with this growth, the need in our community is not met. Our goal is to be open seven days a week. Our current rental space is up for sale, and we are now in need of a new home. We long for a place that we can call our own, although we will be happy to rent again, in what will be our fourth location, we are not adverse to owning our own building. Although we love being on Main street, anywhere that is in the downtown area, or easily accessible to down town, perhaps on the bus route, would be a viable option. If you know of such a space, please contact Bob Begley, (802)524-9749, or via email,

I have served as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Saint Albans for nearly 16 years. I’ve been in and out of Martha’s Kitchen since it was on Lake Street, in the Saint Albans House, on Kingman Street, in the Samaritan House/Tim’s Place and, now, in its current location next to Subway. Martha’s Kitchen has become a bright, clean, welcoming place. We welcome people where they are and seek to create, with them, a community where they can grow and have their needs met. We are blessed to have the help of area churches, NCSS, NWMC, probation and parole, and our civic and business leaders.

~Bill Simmons
Secretary of Martha’s Kitchen

County Courier Article on Martha’s Kitchen

Martha’s Kitchen received a lovely write-up in the County Courier in February. Please have a look!

County Courier Article on Martha's Kitchen

The Experience of True Forgiveness

At the Kitchen, there are always opportunities for people to say, “I am sorry.” Sadly, we don’t hear, (or say) these words often enough. Each of us experience brokeness and often times during our low moments we act out and behave in ways that are rather unattractive and unhealthy.

Early last week I obeserved a young man behaving poorly and to put it simply; he was being a bully. To no surprise, when called on his actions he became more angry and defensive. He refused or perhaps was unable to acknowledge HIS disruptive and intimidating behavior. Before he stormed out of the dining room, he made it clear that he doesnt “need to come here” and “I won’t be back!” (minus some strong language…)

Today, over a week has passed and he returned. In my opinion, he appeared very humble as he apologized for his actions. It was a heartfelt apology without any excuses. This opened the door to a conversation about how we will not tolerate bullying of any kind. This turned into a “teachable moment” on how we respond to people who are different from us and how to react to people who we may not like. (Now it is his turn to practice!)

A heartfelt apology is a force in itself! But when we offer the sincere words and actions of forgiveness, then we see the grace of healing and nurture. During our conversation, this young man heard my words of forgiveness yet at the end, he started to walk away believing he was no longer welcomed here. My actions of welcoming him in for a meal clearly surprised him.

Over the past year we have experienced many incidents of individuals behaving poorly. We may hear the words “I’m sorry”, but sadly, not often enough, at least not sincerely.

I strongly believe our actions of forgiveness (with accountability) offer a true example for others to see it is safe to admit mistakes and hopefully learn from them. It is safe to be held accountable, to be vulnerable and to learn to be part of the good within our community. This is part of our mission “to improve the quality of life and to restore dignity to hungry individuals and families by providing nutritious food and comradery in a safe, warm and caring environment for all who enter our doors.”

What a blessing to be able to say and mean the words; “I am sorry” and such a gift to share in the experience of true forgiveness.
Peace and all good~!