Handmade Gift Cards to help support Martha's Kitchen

We still have some cards available. Suggested donation; $5 ea.

The perfect way to share what’s in your heart!
Dear Friends of Martha’s~
This year, for Valentine’s Day, we are proposing that we move from the traditional red Valentine’s Day card to a “purple Valentine’s Day card!” Why change the color of the heart from red to purple?
When you use the color purple, you are demonstrating that you are sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself – AND – you are the person others come to for help!
We would like to suggest that this year, with Valentine’s day falling on Ash Wednesday, we capture the special tradition during this time of Lent, to give to charity in a special way. (The last time these two fell on the same day was 1945!)
Why not give a monetary gift in honor of your special Valentine and celebrate both special days by making the Valentine purple?! This beautiful Purple Valentine will show those you care for that you understand that so many need our help even to get through each day.
The monetary gift you donate will go to help support our mission of “restoring dignity to hungry individuals and families by providing nourishment and companionship in a safe, warm and caring environment.”
The card will give an explanation of the great gift of care and compassion you have given in honor of your special person, and they will know that you not only care for them, but for the poor who need our help.
Shout out of gratitude to the Franciscan Brothers and Sisters for their inspired idea and to our volunteer Cathy Whistler Rockey for her beautiful creativeness in making our cards.
Cards will be available Feb. 1st. (Limited supply available) You can reserve yours now!
Peace and all good~!