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If you’re one for stacking books by your bedside table or keeping them in the corner of your lounge, you’ll know that things can start to look messy quite quickly. With so many beautiful home library ideas around, you’d be a fool to keep that clutter right? Now it’s easy to create an enviable reading space for the whole family and any visiting bookworms to enjoy.

Team yours with your favorite home office ideas for a stylish and seamless finish on all fronts. Whether you’re into hardbacks, comics or magazines like RealHomes (of course), a good library will deliver on aesthetics and functionality.

Home library ideas to house your books and magazines

1. Zone a living room space with a colorful home library

Home library ideas in living room by Habitat

(Image credit: Habitat)

‘Zonal living was the driving force behind the design for this bookshelf.’ says Rachael Fell, Habitat furniture buying manager.