5 Kitchen Remodel Secrets to Create Your Dream Cooking Space

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Fact: No one wants to go through an entire kitchen renovation only to end up with regrets. No, you want to finish the project and stand confidently in the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen you love being in, and most importantly, cooking in. So it’s understandable that the stakes feel so high, and hiring a random independent contractor seems like a tremendous act of faith. Rather than take your chances, you might find it’s smarter to turn to a trusted entity, because the right expert can make ALL the difference. The Home Depot’s Home Services offers all sorts of Home Services that span the gamut from Faucet Replacement to Kitchen Remodeling and beyond. These professionals not only specialize in their field, they can guide you as you make important decisions and lead the way towards success. These decisions are complex, we know. To get you started, we uncovered the most important considerations when renovating a kitchen that gets heavy use (that’s yours).

1. The idea of the work triangle or zone should not be ignored.

You’ve probably heard of the kitchen work triangle before. (If you’re not familiar, it’s the idea that your sink, refrigerator, and stove should be laid out in a triangular formation.) The concept came about in the 1940s, as industrial-minded folks worked on increasing the efficiency of the home kitchen.

While kitchen design has changed a bit in the last 80 years (as have our cooking styles, and diets, for that matter), the idea still holds true: efficiency remains key. These days, instead of triangles, many experts talk about zones—a prep zone, a cooking zone, a plating zone, etc. With zones, you still don’t have to go too far to finish any given task. You have the necessary tools and equipment nearby, so you can work quickly and with precision. You have room to work and the flow makes sense. Whether you’re putting your trust in a triangle or you’re more of a zone-centric person, it’s important to think about how you cook in the current space when you go to renovate your kitchen. Is there something you’re always walking back and forth to retrieve? What’s working for you? What isn’t? When you start with the trusted The Home Depot’s Kitchen Design Services with a free consultation, you can explain how you use your kitchen, your pain points, what’s on your wishlist, and more. Your design consultant can help you with the layout, cabinet features, general design, and more. Efficiency will factor into all the plans, just as much as aesthetics (form and function are both key, after all!).

2. Your cabinets are just as important as the things inside them.

You could have the best cookware that money can buy, but if you can’t find that tri-ply fry pan when you need it, what good does it do you? The Home Depot installer can reface your cabinets, by swapping out the doors and drawer fronts or refinishing them in fun, of-the-moment colors and accessorizing with new hardware, all of which is high quality enough to last a lifetime. (“Most existing cabinet boxes are in excellent condition and many customers like the existing layout of their kitchens,” says Victoria Yang, associate merchant for The Home Depot’s Installation Services. “It’s just the exterior that’s outdated.”) Choose from a variety of door styles, colors and hardware that make sense for you and your space. You can set up a free consultation — either virtually or in-person — and your design consultant will walk you through your options, do all the measuring, and handle the installation. You’ll have to put your cookware and gadgets away at the end, but that’s the fun part.Maybe you’re reading this and thinking that your cabinets are more or less fine. They’re on-trend and you like looking at them. You just wish they were a little more practical or had smarter storage. Through the retailer’s Home Organization Services, an expert can come out and take a look at your pantry cabinets. “Custom built-ins are becoming the standard for home organization; it’s a functional investment you make in your home that you use and enjoy every day,” says Autumn Singh, Associate Home Organization Merchant at The Home Depot. “Whether it’s your closet, garage, pantry or laundry room, creating storage that maximizes your space while keeping you organized is a game changer.”

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3. You should consider your cooking style when picking a countertop.

Some coveted countertop surfaces are impractical for people who actually cook. For example, a splash of lemon juice is enough to leave a visible etching on a marble surface. Vinegar can wear away at the protective sealant on a granite countertop. And stains can spread (and set) quickly on countertops. Luckily, you don’t have to do this research on your own: Set up a free in-store consultation with a kitchen specialist and they’ll walk you through your options. Be realistic about the type of cook you are. Do you tend to make messes as you go? Do you wipe up spills immediately? Do you remember to keep hot pots on trivets? Are you willing to seal and reseal your counters as needed? All things your pro will help you navigate. You can even use the online design tool to customize material, color, and edge style, to visualize an option before you choose it. Then a Home Services authorized professional from The Home Depot will do the measuring and the install.

4. The flooring you pick can make your space look cleaner or dirtier.

A thorough home cook should, in theory, sweep the kitchen floor every night as the last step of cleanup. However, we all know that doesn’t always (or ever) happen. And messes can add up between sweeps no matter how often they occur. For this reason alone, it’s important to think about the flooring. If you have a pup who sheds white fur, a darker floor is likely to highlight those little fluff balls. If you have a door directly to the outside, a lighter floor could show all the dirt that gets tracked in. Whether you think you want hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, or tile, a local and authorized expert can walk you through all the important considerations, take measurements, get you a quote, and handle the installation.

5. Windows shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Most people doing a kitchen renovation tend to get excited about all new counters, new lighting, new fixtures. But they almost always forget about the new windows or patio door. And it often makes sense to replace windows for energy savings as well as so that they don’t look dated compared to the rest of the room. Plus, you might want a window that you can actually open to help air things out or even cool a homemade pie, old-school style. The Home Depot’s Home Services offers Window Installation: “Our experts can help shoppers pick windows that are rated for their area of the country,” says Karla Thompson, the Installation Merchant for Windows and Doors at The Home Depot. “They can suggest the right type of glass and best type of window for every need.”

Window treatments make an impact, too. Aesthetically, they can warm up the hard finishes in your kitchen. They can also provide shade as you wash dishes, and privacy when you sit down to dinner in the evenings. Through the Home Depot’s window treatment services, you can shop a wide selection of Kirsch Custom Window Coverings or interior shutters that are not shown in stores. “What’s great about this program is that it’s completely full service,” says Andi Jenkins, Marketing Special Projects Custom Decorators, Inc. “No shopping in-store, no need to get out the tape measure or ladder. Our licensed designer and installer handles all the details from design to installation. Plus, your purchase is protected by an industry-leading warranty.” 

The first step in creating a kitchen you love to cook in: Schedule a free consult with Home Services from The Home Depot.
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