6 Easy Ways to Spice Up a Bland Rental Bathroom

There’s no reason your rental bathroom doesn’t deserve a little love: You (obviously) make use of it every day, and if it’s the only loo in your small space, your guests will be paying it a visit every time you entertain. Plus, bathrooms are extra fun to decorate because you can go a little off the beaten path—why should your shower curtain have to complement your living room decor? Maybe you’ve always longed to bust out a bold color, like hot pink or lime green, but can’t quite fathom such a hue coating the walls of your bedroom. Well, grab that paintbrush and give your bathroom a little facelift instead.

Shower curtains and wall colors are by no means the only way to give this small pocket of your rental some extra life. We spoke with designers who shared a plethora of tips on how to make a temporary bathroom look stylish and sophisticated. One key takeaway? Selecting pieces that will not only shine in your current space but will be easy to transport to a future home down the line.

Think about textiles

There’s no reason to opt for a standard bath mat when there are so many beautiful throw rugs on the market. Of course, you’ll want to select something absorbent to live right beside the tub, but there’s a little more leeway when it comes to choosing a piece to go in front of the sink or vanity. “Investing in a punchy vintage rug that you can roll up and take with you to your next place is never a bad idea,” designer Kelsey Haywood notes.

And there’s no reason you can’t upgrade day-to-day textiles like towels, either. “A thoughtful use of quality linens will make guests feel extra comfortable in your space,” says designer Danielle Chiprut, who appreciates Turkish towels with decorative fringes.

Mediterranean Organic Towels

Dress your sink

Not sure what to do about a wall-mounted sink that bares it all? Designer Adnan Anwar offers a solution. “Skirting the sink can make a great statement and provide you with some great hidden storage underneath,” he explains. Whether you choose a style with ruffles or go for a more tailored approach is up to you, and there are possibilities for every budget, Anwar adds. “There are affordable options available online that you can embellish with tape, ribbon, or fringe,” he explains. “And the world of Pinterest is full of easy DIY options too, that require no sewing.”

Give lighting and hardware a glow-up

Let’s face it: Standard rental lighting—especially in the bathroom—isn’t always the most stylish, but it’s a simple item to address in your revamp. “Replacing the dated, builder-grade fixtures that your landlord selected can turn your drab space into a showstopper in no time,” Chiprut says. “Choose something timeless and classic so that it can move with you to your next home. And of course, make sure to store the old light so you can replace it when you move out.”

Design by Danielle Chiprut 

Photo: Kylie Fitts