GE Appliances creates 245 jobs in Louisville with refrigerator line

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A celebratory mood permeated throughout GE Appliance Park Building 5 on Monday as elected officials and company executives applauded the completion of a $60 million refrigerator expansion at the facility.

The investment in four-door refrigerator production, which was first announced in July 2020, has brought more than 245 full-time jobs to the Louisville facility that has more than 7,100 salaried and hourly employees. The plant began producing the product in May.

When the Louisville-based company was purchased by China-based Haier company in 2016, “some feared this would be the end of GE Appliances because our new parent is a Chinese company,” Kevin Nolan, president and CEO of GE Appliances, said during a press conference.

“It was frankly the opposite,” Nolan said. “GE Appliances got a new life, and we’re on our way to be the most successful company in the U.S. And you ask: How is this possible? Simply, we’re led by Americans. We’re focused on serving our customers and our users in America, generating employment in America and investments never before in America. This is what we call the GE way.”