Paint expert reveals why we should paint our dining room ceiling pink

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  • The Head Colour Expert at Lick has revealed why she believes pink is THE colour for the dining room. And why, ideally, we should take our pink paint all the way up and over and onto the ceiling.

    Whether you go for a highly saturated Fuschia or a barely-there blush, pink room ideas will make you – and your guests – look better.

    Image credit: Lick

    Why we should be painting our dining room ceilings pink

    Speaking on a panel to celebrate the launch of Lick’s new paint palette, Maximalist Brights with Yinka Illori, Natasha Bradley said that pink is the number one most flattering colour. Plus, pink’s ability to make us look more beautiful is even greater under candlelight.

    For that reason, Natasha said it’s the ideal hue for dining rooms, illuminating guests with a warm and seductive glow. We’re imagining an intimate dining space, the table laid with our best plates and cutlery, a centrepiece made of some autumnal blooms and plenty of flickering candles.

    If you find a shade of pink that you’re instantly drawn to, Natasha encourages you not to limit it to bedrooms or pink living room ideas. It can look sophisticated and stylish in the dining room, or even the kitchen.

    pink wall by lick

    Image credit: Lick

    In fact, she thinks pink is a lovely colour for a bathroom, making us look more awake as we get ready in the morning. The dream scenario would be a pink bathroom that’s east-facing, as east-facing rooms are said to have the very best light for taking photos and putting on makeup.

    Pink is also surprisingly versatile, too. It works well alongside neutrals like grey and natural materials like blond oak and pine. We love how it looks in the pictures here – note that the skirting boards are painted pink too, preventing the eye from being drawn to the room’s edges.

    pink room by lick

    Image credit: Lick

    Painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls always creates a very cocooning, welcoming space. Meanwhile, an accent ceiling is also a brilliant way to go.

    Whether it’s gold, bringing a sense of luxury and glamour, or a sunny yellow. If you needed any more convincing, a painted ceiling can be achieved in a day’s work, adding instant impact on a budget.