Small living room furniture – how to choose the best pieces for a tiny space

Choosing small living room furniture is not the easiest of tasks. You’ve got to cram in all the pieces you need to make the space function as a living room – a sofa, a coffee table, maybe a TV unit, shelving, side tables, console tables – and yet keep it from feeling cramped and like every square inch is filled with bulky furniture. But it’s doable; picking out furniture for a small space just means you have to be a bit more clued up on what shapes, colors, and designs to look out for. And we are here to help with that. 

We’ve pulled together lots of lovely small living rooms that are lessons in how to pick the perfect furniture for tiny spaces. From picking out the perfect sofa for a small living room, to deciding exactly what furniture needs to be in there, our ideas and expert advice are sure to help you ‘expand’ your limited square footage. 

What is the best furniture for a small living room?