The surprising color that will add value to a small bathroom

It might come as a shock but the color that adds value to a small bathroom…is definitely not white. Although decorating a bathroom using neutral colors is often cited as a failsafe tip when selling a home, real estate experts with experience disagree. In fact, white bathrooms are so out of date now that they will reduce the value of your home at resale. 

Where it comes to small bathroom ideas in particular, color is of vital importance. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that all of the real estate experts we’ve consulted are in unison about the exact color that will add value to a small bathroom or bijou powder room. 

The color that adds value to small bathrooms

Chelsea townhouse designed by Gunter & Co

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

The color in question is light blue. We’ve seen the popularity of blue soar across almost every room in the house, with blue kitchen ideas especially popular over the past year as homeowners are generally moving away from bland and towards color.